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Support Our Brightest Minds

With a staff of regional, national and global leaders, UL Lafayette offers a learning environment powered by expertise that has placed our students at the vanguard of emerging fields and groundbreaking research. By supporting our faculty, you ensure both undergrad and graduate students have access to a wide range of innovative research projects and enrichment opportunities. These opportunities provide invaluable practical experiences that complement classroom instruction, giving each student a cutting-edge advantage in the professional world.

Invest in Innovation

From green energy solutions and climate research to breakthrough health care treatments, the funds we raise will open pathways to endless new opportunities that will benefit the world outside our University doors. Here are a variety of ways your gift will impact our potential for innovation:

  • Attract and Retain Renowned Faculty: With great minds on board, we can push the bounds of classroom instruction and grow the University’s global reputation for academic excellence.
  • Expand Research Programs and Partnerships: With the guidance of distinguished faculty members and additional funding, we can help expand research programs and drive public-private partnerships that offer new means for curriculum enrichment, innovation and résumé-building for students.
  • Modernizing Research Facilities: We will be able to equip labs that promote innovative teaching and groundbreaking research — an update that will broaden the possibilities for our brightest minds.
  • Increase Faculty Awards: With more means for faculty endowments and honors, we can boost the prestige of our staff while offering financial resources that encourage the investigation of new ideas, fund pilot projects and support graduate students.

“It’s a feeling that you just don’t get until you give. Once you make that donation, you’ll love the feeling as long as you live.”


There are several ways you can contribute to the bright future of UL Lafayette. Gifts can be made via credit card payments, stocks & securities, bank drafts or checks made to the University. If you would prefer to make a planned contribution through your personal estate, please contact us directly so we can ensure your generosity is acknowledged and accounted for.

Impact Stories

The work our students and faculty accomplish extends far beyond the classroom walls. Explore real stories of how UL Lafayette is improving its local community, state and the world.